Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6)

Hong Kong Christian Service
Shek Kip Mei Nursery School

We implement and teach “Life Education” in our school. In addition to providing the general academic knowledge, the nurturing of children’s inside characters plays a crucial role in their personal development. Through the core-value-building lessons, project-based learning and learning from live events, we help our children develop positive values and the civic qualities of loving themselves, others and society through our teaching in “knowing, feeling, believing and acting”.

The school song of Hong Kong Christian Service :
School News
Praises from parents for the school/teachers
Hua Xi’s parents
“I’m grateful for your selfless dedication, love and tolerance. Our son enjoys learning and can now express his feelings confidently, all thanks to you. His eagerness on raising questions and on independent thinking have also improved. I’m certain these four years of learning will prepare him for the challenges he will face at primary school.”
Xuelan’s parents
“We’re very grateful to all the teachers for filming teaching videos as well as telling stories and going over lessons with kids online. We appreciate that the school has always stood by us, and has provided us with so many learning materials and spiritual support.”
Ting Rui’s parents
“We saw Principal Dung at parent-teacher meetings, orientation sessions, and on and off campus. You’re like a friend to us! Thanks to you and all the other teachers, Ting Rui feels like the school is his second home!”
Shao Er’s parents
“We are grateful for the patience and creativity of all the teaching staff, which has helped Shao Er making progress and change every day. We hope the school will carry on its creative educational activities so that more children can learn to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of art.”
Additional Resources
(1) Our school was granted $4,000 for maintaining green areas and green activities under the 2021/22 “School Greening Subsidy Scheme”

(2) Our school was granted $109,924 from the “JC Kindergarten Digital Capacity Enhancement Scheme” to support the purchase of electronic equipment and computer software so that we could make good use of these devices to enhance the learning and development of our children in the new educational norms.

(3) Our school was granted $20,000 by the Education Bureau under the “Kindergarten Education Scheme – Enhancement Grant for School Websites” to improve our school’s website.


– Support amid the pandemic:

(1) Our school received a donation in the form of “Play with Kids” Parent-Child Boxes 1 and 2 from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust for children aged 3-6 years old. The aim of these boxes is to make more fun for children in their learning, and to boost families’ parent-child relationships at home as supporting aids during the pandemic.

(2) Our school participated in the EDB’s “Small Craft and Resource Kit Scheme” and received a grant of $80,000 to enable our teachers to design games and produce diversified learning materials for children aged 3-6, offering them sufficient resources to support their continuous learning at home.

(3) Our school was granted $16,500 from the EDB’s “Book Grant Scheme” to purchase books for each of our children aged 3-6 to encourage reading at home, and to develop their interest in reading.

(4) Our school participated in the Hong Kong Broadband Network’s “Home Learning Support Scheme” and was successful in applications for tablets, data cards and Wi-Fi modems for low-income families to support the children in learning at home.



(1) “KeySteps@JC” provided a one-off grant of $30,000 to our school for purchasing various supplies, teaching materials and equipment so that we could improve our school environment and facilities.

(2) The Learning Fund of “KeySteps@JC” donated $3,500 to each of the 9 students in our school and their families, to help them pay for goods, services and activities related to child development which support and promote their all-round development.


– Support for non-Chinese speaking students:

(1) Our school spent the $51,710 grant from the EBD’s “Support for Non-Chinese Speaking Students” for purchase of teaching materials, equipment and relevant children’s books.


Language education:

(1) Our school participated in the 2nd round of “Dream Reading Program” hosted by the Unleash Foundation and supported by the EDB. So far, we have received a total of 501 personalized books for our children to read.

(2) Our school received $15,211 under the EDB’s “Promotion of Reading Grant for Kindergartens Pilot Scheme”.  This is used to purchase books, host parent talks and promote reading activities.

(3) Our school was invited to participate in the “Uncle Tien English Reading Program” in which the digital reading pens and storybooks are provided to our Senior Class students for development in their interest and confidence in the use of English.